Airports make rotten neighbors....

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Airports make rotten neighbors....

Postby Martin » Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:59 pm

This topic has come and gone in various forms through the years, but perhaps the WCSC has a sneaky low down neighbor that wants to pull some sort of "fast one" on us. The neighbor is the Chilliwack Airport... seems they have lofty goals that could prove detrimental to our current airspace access (in particular, cross country valley crossings). ... ges-at-YCW

We might want to pay attention to this comment:

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- A GPS RNAV precision approach to enable use of the airport during inclement weather ie: Medivac Service 24/7
Ah... so innocent. Yet there it is, they actually want to turn on the electronic toys that will guide more, bigger, heavier traffic through "our" jointly shared airspace. More or less building a freeway through our playground. Of course... its just to bring in the occasional ambulance.

Here is my take, "Medivac" makes it sounds so altruistic but it does represent the proverbial "foot in the door". I don't believe creating precision approaches for air ambulances is where it will end. The airport management at YCW have one objective... Make MONEY. Implementing a RNAV into YCW will require merging of Class C overlying the present E Class airspace, this will cut off any possibility of our members legally using the Woody/Bridal XC routes.

Is this the proverbial end of the world? Probably not. I suspect this is just good old capitalistic self promotion by YCW management who arrogantly could care less about us.

YCW will have many legal and logistical hurdles, one will be the requirement to attain the approval of NAV and TC before they can apply for any airspace changes. NAV Canada is legally required to consult all airspace users and parties directly or indirectly effected by a change like this. Normally this sort of change is part of an airspace review, most of the time they put in their ear plugs and ignore us, but they are obligated listen.

If anybody knows anything about recent NAV announcements involving airspace applications or changes, please post some comments here. Who knows....maybe they just want to pull in occasional ambulance.

If you like some nice light winter reading, check out the NAV Canada web site and find all sorts of plans for a bright new world of aviation (that couldn't give a bovine excrement about non-paying airspace users like us): ... -rnav.aspx


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