Bud's Training Hill Closed

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Bud's Training Hill Closed

Postby silentflight » Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:40 pm

Apparently Bud's training hill on Vancouver Island near Duncan is now officially closed after the sale has been completed to the new owner.
One of the best hills on the Island for hang gliding and para-gliding training was first flown by Mark Johnston in the late 90's .

Bud ( I'm sorry I don't remember his last name ) was a little reluctant to let anyone to use it at first but after Mark had used it he warmed up to it. The clincher to getting continued use, was that that he always wanted to go for an ultra -light ride.

The "late " great Dave Palmer flew his Dragonfly ultralight into Bud's farm and took Bud for a flight. The rest is a 19 year history with Bud who opened up his property for all prospective HG/PG wanabee' s to do
their training for higher aspirations .

Many did their training there over the years,with Bud so graciously accomodating them .

I received word last week that it was officially closed ,but I saw nothing on the ISS website mentioning this so I thought I better post this to avoid an awkward encounter with the new owner ,for those who aren't in the loop . :cry:

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