Best PG distance so far but GPS stopped!

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Best PG distance so far but GPS stopped!

Postby Serge » Sun May 13, 2018 11:21 pm

I had my best distance in PG aka personal PG distance record and I entered it in the BC XC league. Distance 49,6 km duration 2:15. However, my GPS turned itself off mid flight and since it was in my pocket, I did not see it. I saw it at the LZ and restarted it to get the landing position and time. Fortunately, I have a video camera with GPS that should confirm it. I will post info on fb at mt7air if people want to check it. I want my flght to count of course. I posted the GPS track on xcontest but you see there just the first 15 km logged.
I would have emailed the comp person but that position is currently vacant.
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