Interested in posting a flight? Read this first!

Share your flights with us! Post your story. Link to, or even upload a picture or two.
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Interested in posting a flight? Read this first!

Postby admin » Thu Sep 04, 2003 6:34 pm

The West Coast Soaring Club "Flight Log" forum is open to any registered user of the forum. You do not need to be a WCSC member, but you do need to sign up as a forum user.

Please include the details of your flight, including the location, date, launch/flying site, and flight duration. Include as much other descriptive detail as possible, for those of us who may be grounded, and are desperate for your stirring tale of flying glory!

Best of all, add some pictures to your log entry! The system allows for up to 3 images per log entry. Use the "Add an Attachment" section below to upload images.

Fly Safe!

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