Just another Day at Woodside

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Just another Day at Woodside

Postby Martin » Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:46 pm

Sure, you can wimp out and head south to artificially attain your airtime but real pilots stay home and enjoy wonders of Mother Woodside :wink:

Woodside was her spectacular self today. Road is a bit of a mess, lots of Ice and knobs from the city trying to figure out how to drive off into the wilds. Mia and I managed to get up to the main saddle with the Suzuki (up to the last grade that heads up to the turnoff to launch).

No other pilots where out but plenty of signs there was a serious assault for New Years day flight ? Launch was well packed/tramped down, no wind with both Mia and I muttering something about forgetting how to do a forward launch?.

Mia was first off, good launch. The deep snow below the launch area tried to slog her down but she pulled it off in fine style. My first attempt the snow proved too deep... so I top landed! (yes the divot should be there for a few days....) The second effort got me off the hill... no wind forwards on a snow covered launch... try that in Mexico?

Once in the air, the eagles guided me over to a scratchy little thermal for a 500 ft gain and 15 min extension to the sled run ending down at Riverside LZ. Along with the few eagles to admire there were at least 3 dorks on the road up demonstrating various driving skills that proved to be entertaining!

Don't know if anybody flew on Jan 1st, but Mia were the only ones up there on Jan 2nd....


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