Pemby 200 km OR

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Pemby 200 km OR

Postby Claudia » Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:40 am

Congrats to Igor Tolsky for flying the first +200km out and return in the Pemberton Valley from Upper Mackenzie on July 31.
Last year Alex Raymont missed 200km OR (launching from Miller Ridge) by just 400 meters.

Earlier this summer Igor also flew from Pemberton to the Fraser Valley to land at Bridal Falls LZ. Pemby to Fraser Valley was first done by Denis Rumyansev but for some extra airtime and distance Igor warmed up with a 40k out and return to the Hurley Pass for a total of 221 km. Except for Al Thielman who did the flight from south to north (Miracle Valley to Pemby) I haven’t heard of anybody else completing this; apparently it’s a Russian air force specialty.

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